Becoming an Organizer: First Steps and Best Practices [On-demand Training]

Register for this webinar to learn how to impact your local entrepreneurial ecosystem by hosting a Techstars Startup Weekend event. Led by our All-Stars organizers sharing their experiences, in this session you will learn best practices, tips, and take a look behind the scenes to see what usually happens while organizing a Startup Weekend.

Topics include:

​- How to Form a Good Team
- Getting Sponsors
- Preparing your Venue
- Ticket Sales Strategies
- Attendees Experiences
- And More


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Presenting Team

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Nicholas Nader
Customer Success Coordinator, Americas
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Ahmad Sufian Bayram
Community Building Expert, Germany
Community Leader
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Techstars All-Star Community Leader based in San Diego, USA
Community Leader
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Techstars All-Star Community Leader based in Dublin, Ireland

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Violeta Morán Carofilis, Community Leader - Ecuador

"The energy, the passion, and the experience that is a Startup Weekend is something you cannot explain to others, you have to live it. For me, Startup Weekend is a safe space to live your dream, meet other crazy people like you, and make bonds with different kids of people in my country and around the world."



The value of organizing a Techstars Startup Weekend


How do I apply?

Please review the Startup Weekend organizer requirements, and make sure that you qualify to apply to become an organizer. If you qualify, and you agree to our organizer rules, please fill out our application form

Am I qualified to organize a Techstars Startup Weekend?

01. You must participate in a Techstars Startup Weekend, or complete an on-demand training webinar before organizing.

While fully immersing yourself in the experience would make you best equipped to understand the highs and lows of a Startup Weekend, we also offer the opportunity to complete an on-demand training program if there are no events coming up in your area. With that knowledge, you develop the empathy as an organizer to provide that experience to future participants. You can find upcoming Techstars Startup Weekends here

02. For Startup Weekend Online, you must have organized at least 1 Techstars Startup Weekend event before.

All Techstars Startup Weekend Online Organizers must have previously organized a minimum of one Techstars Startup Weekend offline events. This is important because the online format comes with additional complexity, which will be easier to manage for those experienced organizers, who have a thorough understanding of the Startup Weekend process.

Can I organize this by myself?

Regardless of how capable you are, we will not approve an application for anyone to run a Startup Weekend by themselves. It takes around three months for 4 to 8 people to plan a Startup Weekend, and you’ll need a team who can help coordinate all the moving parts of organizing the event. Learn more about forming a team and the recommended roles and responsibilities the team need to cover.

What tools does Techstars provide to help us organize our Startup Weekend?

Techstars provides a brand kit and a graphic designing tool. We also provide various templates including a planning sheet, organizer checklist, registration platform recommendations, email templates, sponsorship outreach, workshop decks, a quick reference guide, and more.

Once your application is accepted, you will be onboarded into a global community of new and experienced Community Leaders so you can have easy access to all organizing resources, and community to learn from! When you organize with Techstars, you are supported every step of the way.

What are some successful companies that have come out of a Techstars Startup Weekend?



I want to organize an event, but I have some questions before I apply.

A: We’d love to talk with you more about what you have in mind and answer any questions you might have. Please contact us at, give us a little background about your questions and previous experience, and tell us how we can help. The Techstars community support contact for your region will get in touch with you and schedule a call if need be.