Key Insights


Technology Hubs

Emerging technology hubs gain influence in the early-stage ecosystem. 63% of entrepreneurs and VCs view Silicon Valley as the most innovative hub today but just 45% expect it to be so in five years’ time. 



Tech entrepreneurship flourishes globally. 51% of respondents believe APAC is the most innovative region outside of the U.S., with 21% citing Western Europe and 18% saying the Middle East and Africa. 



Entrepreneurs tackle many of the biggest challenges of our era. Nearly half of the entrepreneurs and VCs surveyed predict that five years from now, HealthTech (51%) and Sustainability (44%) will be two of the most innovative industries.



Innovation takes an ecosystem 26% of respondents believe that VCs and angel investors will be the biggest driver of innovation. No single force emerged as a dominant driver in innovation.


Founders' Attitudes 

Business goals reflect the changing market landscape. More than one-quarter (28%) of entrepreneurs saying their long-term goal is to remain private/independent. Just 16% are targeting an IPO and 7% are targeting an acquisition by private equity.